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I’II be king of New York after beating you–Joshua tells Miller



Anthony Joshua has told Jarrell Miller he’s face to face with the next King of New York.

WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight champ Joshua will fight outside Britain for the first time when he heads to Miller’s home city to face him at Madison Square Garden on June 1. And by the time he is done beating the 30-year-old Brooklyn-born challenger, Joshua reckons he will have fully announced himself Stateside.

Joshua, 29, said: “We’ve been over to the USA five times so far, because anything that needs to be done properly needs time.

“So we were going out there doing the Conan [O’Brien, TV chat] show, ESPN, we went to different basketball games, did a lot of ground work. Now we’re actually ­fighting – it’s time to put my crown on and take over.”

Joshua’s latest trip included a visit to the New York Stock Exchange – not the worst idea, given he’ll make £19million from his clash with Miller. And while he has already earned more money than he might have dreamed of when he first turned pro – with a net worth estimated at £30m by Forbes – he is confident it hasn’t changed him.

Joshua added: “The money I have now is not personal wealth, it’s in the business. It’s coming in and going out, it’s a balancing act, and I live within my means. I don’t own 10 Rolls-Royces, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, 10 ­mansions… I don’t have all that stuff. So it hasn’t changed that aspect, but it helps with certain ­conversations I’m having.

“My reputation is more important than what’s in the bank. I’ve been around billionaires, and it’s not so much about their money as their character. You can tell when someone has new ­money — big chains, they’re flash and all that s***.”

“Yes,” Joshua added. “You can tell. So you have to learn that respect takes you further – there is an element of it that he will learn. “Man makes the money, ­money doesn’t make the man.”

Not that Joshua-Miller will be any sort of class war.

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“This fight is straight ­gutter, it’s not about class,” Joshua said.

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